Karla Lozano Carbajal


Graphic design student, illustrator and art enthusiastic.
Counts with some close encounter with weird old western pirates and birds made of commas as well with the deep sea and some other little ones.

Ready to break her back at any good and interesting task.
Loves to work as much as she loves to play.

And keeps the same kind of love we all have between dreams and reality to her work/study and her purposes/plans for the future.

Her watercolor painting "Reflection of youth" was published in PNUD's "Human Development in Honduras Report 2008/2009" sponsored by PNUD and ASDI.

Currently she is still learning about everything, hopefully she won't stop.


  • Illustration and Painting


  • Graphic design
  • painting with traditional techniques such as acry…
  • pastels
  • charcoal and ink.